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Micro Green Grow Kit

Micro Green Grow Kit

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Grow your own micro greens at home over and over again, just add potting soil, water, light, and loving care!


Would you like to start growing microgreens but overwhelmed with the amount of information and kits available? This kit is all you need to get started growing your own microgreens! Just pick up a standard promix potting soil from your local department or garden store, follow the directions carefully and enjoy delicious home grown microgreens! 

Kit Includes:

* 3 Sturdy reusable trays to grow 1 (10x10) tray of micro greens (4+oz yield)

* 4 oz non-GMO broccoli micro green seeds (enough for 4 trays)

* 8 oz non-GMO speckled pea micro green seeds (enough for 2 trays)

* Supply source list for soil, more seeds, trays, etc.

* Detailed instructions for most popular beginner varieties

 Everything you need to grow your own fresh nutritious food for you and/or your family year round!

Product not available outside of the USA (contains seeds).

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