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Misty Mountain USA

🌱 Sea-90 Mineralizer for Plants (2lb.)

🌱 Sea-90 Mineralizer for Plants (2lb.)

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Mineralizer offers Sea-90’s complete mineral profile in a convenient micronized form factor for easy liquid feeding and spraying.  

Mineralizer creates 150 gallons of nutrient solution. 

Supercharge your soil, enhance nutrient density, increase root networks, boost your productivity, and grow healthier and more delicious fruits and vegetables, all with the natural power of Sea-90 Mineralizer for Plants

  • Complete Macro and Trace Element Support
  • Improve Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrient Density
  • Lab-Certified Heavy Metal and Contaminant-Free
  • OMRI and CDFA Certified for Organic Production

Did you know? Sea-90 is produced from the pristine waters of the Sea of Cortez, a mineral-rich body of water that Jacques Cousteau once called "The World's Aquarium."

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